Ravenwest Motorsport


Ravenwest were a team that instilled fear into the hearts of many race drivers over the course of their careers. Founded in 2008 and fronted by the now legendary Nathan McKane and Rick Scott the team are back from a prolonged absence and ready to get back to doing what they do best…winning races with that no holds barred attitude that made them so famous.

While McKane and Scott are best known for their Touring and Endurance driving, an expanded roster ensures that Ravenwest Motorsport will be present in every discipline.  Drivers like Faisal Mahmoud and Táng Qiang bolster their street racing capabilities while the inclusion of the highly rated Japanese / French combination of Yuki Nakamura and Léo Garnier look to place a firm grasp over the Tuner discipline. Rounding off their roster is the highly rated Spaniard Hector González, who has become well known for his skills in the Open Wheel class.

Love them or hate them, Ravenwest’s presence in any race always gets a strong reaction from racing fans. Ravenwest are set to be formidable opponents to anyone brave enough to take them on and as a wise old engineer used to say “Ravenwest are in this event. Aim for third”, that may just be your best bet.

In GRID Autosport, Ravenwest are always looking for new drivers. However, only proven champions need apply…